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Probably either a good thing or a bad thing if your name pops up in an AP dispatch. Grateful this is the former.

Michael Kruse of the Tampa Bay Times won The Paul Hansell Award for Distinguished Achievement in Florida Journalism during a ceremony Saturday.

Among Kruse's stories cited by the Florida Society of News Editors' judges included a feature on a family's befuddlement on the day the world didn't end, the profile of a novice golfer who is convinced he can become a pro with just 10,000 hours of practice and a piece about one woman's slow descent into an isolated madness.

"These are terrific reads, portrayals of people who struggle, who have setbacks, who sometimes overcome them and sometimes don't," the judges wrote in their comments. "His style is conversational and never overwrought. His ideas are creative, unexpected.  His work is superb."

Very honored.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/07/07/2886146/tampa-bay-times-kruse-wins-hansell.html#storylink=cpy

Paul Hansell Award

Florida is the best state in the country to write stories that are true and the Tampa Bay Times is the best place to do it. Very honored to win this, and to be on a list that includes journalists like Lane DeGregory, Jeff Klinkenberg, Stephen Buckley, Lucy Morgan, Susan Taylor Martin, David Barstow ... and my editor Bill Duryea, who makes my work look good. I'm also glad Mark Russell pointed out Lauren and Avery this afternoon. We're better together.