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Talking with Jim Sheeler's class

Set to Skype up to Case Western Reserve later today. Evidently, and this is awesome, because it's necessary, Jim has his students read and read. Here's the assigned list to prep for our upcoming discussion: Bounty (plus the essay), monkey, Kathryn Norris, the python hunt, the Generator Society, Oren's obit, Frank and Mia, Redneck Yacht Club and JumboTron.


Frank Strunk reader response

1. So beautiful.

2. Refreshing and clear and positive.

3. ... it made me cry and grieve a bit more for dogs I have loved, and lost. But that is not a bad thing.

4. Your words are a needle to induce change in me. I know it.  Lost my 15.5 year old dog Rhiannon 3 months ago. Though there is no momentum now, I will use your words to bring me back to my family. Thank you.

5. The article now hangs on my writing-cabin wall.


Wisdom from St. Pete's Frank Strunk III

The well-known metal artist has a tree-trunk torso, tattoos up and down his arms, red-head scruff on his face and a hairdo that conjures a bowed-up rooster. How he looks and what he makes seem somehow linked. His stern vibe is an almost imposing industrial aesthetic. But these days? Conversation with him gets most real when he talks about his dog. Click.