Should every writer be on Twitter?

Neil Gaiman in the new Poets & Writers:

No. Absolutely not. I do it because it's fun. I do it because I like it and it's fun. And the fact that I like it and it's fun communicates itself through the feed. People who are interested are going to sign up and stick around and follow me because I'm obviously enjoying it. If you are not enjoying it, for God's sake don't do it. There is nothing worse -- sadder, more bleak, and more pitiful -- than somebody who signs on to Twitter, follows a hundred people, and then sends out basically fifty to sixty tweets to those people and to the world saying, "Please read my book." It's like a sad little mouse, peeping in the corner. Then nobody responds, and they go away, and say, "Well, Twitter doesn't even work." If you want to do it, you join Twitter. Talk to people. Talk to your friends. Talk to famous people. Talk with anybody you'd like. Twitter is completely democratic. If you are a dick, people will notice you're a dick. If you're nice, people will notice you're nice. If you're funny and smart, people will respond to the funny smartness. And if you want to get something read: Establish, be there first, and then say to people who are interested and like you, "By the way I've got a book coming out," and people will go, "Oh, we'll go and check it out then." As opposed to coming on and going, "The book the book the book, I hate this, are we done?"

Do I feel that writers should be on Twitter? No, I think writers should write. Do I think people who enjoy using Twitter should use Twitter? Sure. Do I think people should use the web to advertise? No. Do I think they should use it as themselves? Yes.

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Right on. One either gets it, or one doesn't. No one likes reading misspent communication.

July 4, 2013 | Unregistered Commenter@TomDudd

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